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Where can you get Past Life Regression in Jersey , Channel islands, UK

What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

past life 1

In a Nutshell, Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) is…

A unique therapeutic process that helps individuals recall events from previous lifetimes and use that information to help change behaviour patterns and enhance their lives today. It can be profound, enlightening, and transformative.


You’ll be Amazed at How Easily You Can Tune into a Past Life!


past life regression 5

The method used is know as the Christos Technique. Allow 2 hours

The Christos Technique was devised by a lady called Jacqueline Parkhurst (from Perth) over 30 years ago.


This method does not use hypnosis but involves a few minutes at the beginning of  the regression using touch, massaging ankles and rubbing over the third eye (forehead) area.  then I will ask you to do various simple visualization exercises, these help you to know that  Yes you can do these and also to confirm that you are the one in control at all times. Once this is all running smoothly the journey will begin.

You’ll be able to detach from the here and now, yet remain aware of the room and my voice,  you’ll be able to speak, hear and  move. You are in control at all times, and can emerge any time you choose simply by opening your eyes.


My Role as Your Guide

My job is simply to function as a therapeutic guide on your journey. I do not  give or tell you information about your past life. I simply guide you along, keeping you on course. During the process you are completely aware and in control of your experience, able to return to this lifetime at any point you choose.

I will act as a guide to draw out your experiences and provide context.

Your Role

Your job is pretty simple, you just lie back and act as a news reporter – reporting what is happening as you let yourself go – into your own special journey of self-discovery, infinite growth and eternal healing.

You just allow the experience, be open to information however it comes, and report whatever comes up! Information from your past lives may occur as “snapshots”, sensations, emotions or full blown movies. Some people can smell cooking aromas in a kitchen or feel the texture of fabric. Others simply “know” things. Some have a sensation of “floating” above the scene. You could see through the eyes of the person whilst at the same time be looking at the whole scene from above. There is no right or wrong to how it works.

past life 3

Everything you’ve seen, felt and experienced in this life…as well as all the memories of your previous existences are housed in your subconscious…and then brought to light in your current consciousness during this process.
Even if You’ve Forgotten, Your Body Remembers

The Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy

The benefits PLRT  are to help  heal deeper and get results much more quickly than many other therapeutic approaches.

We are  shown the lives that we need to know as we need them. Repeating behaviour patterns may be shown or injury to a body part that may explain pain being suffered now with no medical explanation.

It is also good to focus on the positive, rather than going after traumatic or troubling memories. PLRT is used to enhance one’s life by allowing individuals to ‘own,’ reclaim or rediscover gifts, abilities and talents from past lives; and to carry forward wonderful emotions for both healing and growth .

Accessing strengths and accomplishments from prior lifetimes can be brought forward to increase confidence and effectiveness in the present.

Re-experiencing a happy, successful lifetime; this can bring a sense of balance and peace when undergoing difficult times, fortifying us to work through our temporary difficulties
Clarifying direction and life purpose by viewing one’s ‘blueprint’ for this lifetime
Finding prior lifetimes shared with current loved ones, bringing a great sense of reassurance that we are indeed never parted from those we love
Accessing the wisdom, peace and guidance that is available from the spiritual realms between lifetimes where our higher mind and/or guiding ones can assess our progress and give direction to us for our current lifetime
Strengthening the clarity of the spiritual nature of our existence.

When you think about it, it’s freeing. Past life regression can bring you peace as it shines a light on the complicated tapestry of your total existence and your purpose as an evolving soul.

Life makes a lot more sense when you have a deeper understanding of the bigger picture.


Some of the more significant areas in which past-life therapy have traditionally been used are:

Troubling behaviour and attitude patterns that have persisted over time, despite attempts to change
Relationship dynamics that seem to have a life of their own (intense attraction/aversion to another person, deep-seated issues that defy resolution)
Phobias – intense fears, such as fear of heights or fear of water, that seem unconnected to an experience in the current life
Some chronic physical ailments, sensations and pains
Dominant attitudes or emotions that seem to persist throughout your life
Ingrained beliefs such as: “Leave me alone”, “No one understands me”, “Life isn’t fair”, “I have to do it alone”


past life 7

After the Regression

After the past life regression is complete, there is ample time to discuss and share any emotions, observation or concerns. Together we’ll explore how the regression may have been helpful with regard to your original intentions.

Remember just because we ask and go searching for something, the soul determines what is best for us to know and access in a given moment. Never more than we can handle and not always what we are in search of. We’ll explore the implications of any memories that surfaced and the correlations and impact on your present-day life. We’ll look at how to use this information and awareness to move forward in your current lifetime, to allow your past life legacy to remain passed.

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Awareness Continues After the Regression

Over the next few weeks, more information may “show up” for you. You might gain more insight through your dreams, while driving in the car, while meditating, while sitting quietly, or it may just pop in your head as you go about your life. This is normal.

Along with these flashes of insight, may come a deeper understanding of your life, your relationships, your challenges and your purpose. You may gain profound wisdom about the nature of existence, your personal journey and our collective journeys as soul(s).

Because of this, follow up sessions are always helpful and occasionally necessary.


What is a Soul Midwife and where can you find one in Jersey, Channel Islands, UK?

Soul Midwife

Soul Midwife

Tanya has studied and gained her certificate as a Soul Midwife at the Soul Midwife Training Centre in Dorset at the end of 2016.

Soul Midwives are holistic and spiritual companions to anyone at the end of life.

They draw on traditional skills, now largely forgotten, applying them to our modern world to lovingly ease the passage of the dying, and to ensure that their death is a dignified and peaceful experience. Their services are used within people’s own homes, in hospices and care homes.

What is Soul Midwifery?

‘A good death is an extraordinary, moving and sacred experience. It can also have a healing quality, not only for the person who is involved but their families, friends and the wider community.’ (Felicity Warner, Gentle Dying)

What are Soul Midwives?

Soul Midwives are non-medical, holistic companions who guide and support the dying in order to facilitate a gentle and tranquil death.

Soul Midwives

  • listen, provide gentle therapeutic techniques and ensure compassionate care at all times
  • work holistically with both the spirit and the soul of the dying person
  • keep a loving vigil
  • create and hold a sacred and healing space for the dying person
  • recognise and support the individual needs of the departing soul to enable a tranquil death
  • use sound, touch, colour and smell and other gentle techniques to help alleviate pain and anxiety
  • support families and loved ones.

During 2017 Tanya will volunteer at varying  institutes and organisations,  to gain experience helping with people at a difficult time in their life.   This volunteering will give  valuable experience  and confidence in being around people who are in need of tender loving care.

But in order  to be able to offer a full Soul Midwife Service at the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018 I need to practise my  Soul Midwife skills , these cannot be done by volunteering at  the various institutes due to  their own internal policies.  So I need to get out into the general public and volunteer my services as a Soul Midwife on a personal level.

If you have need of a volunteer to  sit with, read to, listen to or just be there for  a friend or family member, at home, at hospital or elsewhere then please contact Tanya 07797710285 or email

All communication will be strictly confidential in every way


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Dr. Seuss, writer


Reflexology is a magic treatment for those feet

This is a wonderful treatment that helps re-balance whole the body, it is non invasive and you remain fully clothed except for the removal of footwear and socks.

Your feet and lower legs will be soothed and massaged, the acupressure points on the the feet are stimulated with massage and pressure, this helps to release any blockages and allow the energy to flow freely along the meridian lines in the body.

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Massage therapy is more than relaxing me-time. Studies continue to prove the physical, and emotional benefits of even a single massage therapy session.
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Reiki Drumming in Jersey , Channel Islands , UK

Reiki Drumming combines the power of the drumbeat with the high frequency energy of Reiki.



Recently there has been a resurgence of different healing modalities, those  using energy, sound and shamanic practises. One of the most exciting of these is Reiki Drumming ( also known as the Reiki Drum Technique here in the UK) which blends the  power of the drumbeat with the high frequency energy of Reiki.

Reiki Drumming has been practised widely in the USA  and in 2007  Sarah Gregg, a Reiki Master Teacher based in Hertfordshire  introduced in to the UK.


Since ancient times people have used the power of sound and  vibration to connect  and to communicate with spirit.  Vibrations provides a strong connection with the universe and everything  since everything is made of energy vibrations.
Sounds as always being used as a way of prayer for healing. So sacred drumming is one of the oldest forms of music for  man .  Shamans all over the world and indigenous people  have used drums for millennia to achieve a state of consciousness that allows them to travel to the spirit world  for information and healing.The drum is said to be the horse that the shaman  rides to achieve the shamanic state of consciousness.
Many scientific studies have been done showing the effect that drumming as on people. Drumming helps them to achieve ” alpha and theta brainwaves ”  for meditation and spirit journeying.
The benefits include
    • Calmness and Peace
    • Help the nervous  system to function at higher level.
    • Deep relaxation
    • Stress relief, allowing the physical body to release unwanted energy.
    • They can help with grief and depression.
    • Pain Relief due to altered blood pressure occurring during drumming

The intelligence of Reiki combines with the vibration of the drum sound sending the energy more deeply into the body and at the same time providing the feeling of safety and the shield of comfort. While listening to drumming, the heart beat changes to match the rhythm of the drum. This can change the rate of blood pressure and facilitates the release of endorphins within the body, bringing relief from pain. Deep cellular healing can occur by using the vibrations of the drum together with the beautiful and soothing energies of Reiki. Your consciousness can shift during a Reiki Drum healing session, allowing you to reach a deep state of meditation and spiritual awakening. Combining drumming and Reiki magnifies the energies of both modalities to heal body, mind, emotions, and soul. Together they raise the bodies own inner healing abilities bringing you back to a state of ideal health and well-being.

What to Expect1abcd1abcc

Reiki Drumming comprises three healing methods, all similar but different and used for separate aims.

Treatment sessions include both drumming and hands on Reiki and  last an hour .

You will lay under a blanket on an electric treatment couch. You stay fully clothed for this treatment, although shoes do need to be removed.

Reiki Drumming involves the practitioner sending Reiki energy into the drum as the drum  is being held over  and around the clients body,  the sound and energy waves from the drum carry Reiki into the client’s energy field and body. Hands on Reiki can be given before or after the drumming.

Clients find the beat of the drum helps them switch off  and drift into a deep state of relaxation, with all the normal benefits of a traditional Reiki treatment albeit on a much deeper level. Recipients often receive relief from physical discomfort as well as feeling relaxed and uplifted.


£60  £37   special price 1 Hour

The three types of treatments are

Reiki Drum Healing Session

The practitioner gently drums over the body of the client and stops when intuitively guided to do so. Just as Reiki is limitless love, the intentions for drumming with Reiki and the healing that can take place from them are limitless as well. The drumming is followed by normal hands-on Reiki to help further integrate the healing which has begun through the powerful rhythms of the drum.

Reiki Drum Mental/Emotional Reprogramming

This  is a way of treating negative conscious mind habits. The technique can be used to overcome bad habits, or to focus the mind on achieving a particular goal in the most empowering way. Drumming facilitates the energetic shift necessary to positively affect both the conscious and subconscious mind. The client focuses their mind on the issue in question whilst the practitioner drums gently over their body. After a period of time the practitioner incorporates normal hands-on Reiki to integrate the healing.

The Mental/Emotional Reprogramming technique offers its best results if the client has a series of treatments.

Reiki Drum Journey

The Reiki Drum Journey is a healing, meditative process which enables the client to reach altered states of consciousness so that they may access information to create personal change. It allows the client to connect with their own inner wisdom, receive spiritual guidance and can be used for healing personal issues, career concerns or relationship problems. Clients have varied empowering and healing experiences. Some feel energy pulsating through their body, others see beautiful colours or drift into deep relaxation, and many have profound visual and auditory experiences allowing to meet with spirit guides or power animals to them deep personal insight.

Hands on Reiki is given at the start of this treatment to help the client fall in to a relaxed state in order to allow the best possible spirit journey to take place. The practitioner will drum sending out healing Reiki whilst the client who would have been instructed goes on a deep and personal journey.



The following are contra-indications for Reiki Drumming

      • Epilepsy
      • Pace Maker


This treatment is suitable for anyone regardless of age but  is not a substitute for traditional medical care by your GP, it is a complementary therapy that may be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Should you be aware of any reason why this treatment is contraindicated for you or you have a serious health problem, please consult your GP

Where can you buy 100% pure beeswax candles in Jersey, Channel Islands?


Soul Dreams has a selection of Pillar Candles £5.99 , Votives £3.50 and a selection of fine china tea cups, jugs  and various glass containers from £7.99 to £15.


Made with 100% pure beeswax, contains Jersey beeswax and cotton wicks, nothing else.


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Valentine Voucher


Choose Treatment

Select which of the 6 treatments  you require on your voucher, complete purchase and the voucher will be sent to the email address used to make payment.

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  1. Vouchers must be purchased on-line only
  2. Vouchers will be sent to the email address used to purchase them, instructions will be included on the voucher
  3. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive the voucher
  4. Bookings must be made within two months of purchase to guarantee a time and date to suit, failure to book within the two months may mean there will not be a suitable time slot available.
  5. Vouchers are valid from 1/2/16-30/4/16.
  6. The voucher is no longer valid after 30/4/16
  7. Vouchers are only valid for the named treatments above
  8. Vouchers cannot be exchange for cash
  9. Cancellation must made with minimum of 48 hours notice
  10. Failure to give 48 hours notice renders the voucher invalid
  11. More than one voucher may be purchased

Where do you find Christmas?

Today I found it at the supermarket. There was a live choir (adults) singing carols, I joined in like the crazy lady as I made my way around the isles. each isle had a tasty treats, Cheese with dips, roast beef with dips, fruits and nuts, mince pies with Jersey Dairy chocolate orange ice cream ….. we now have a tub in the freezer, it is good, very very good.  To top it off was La Mare vineyard Cream Brandy, OMG it is so good, I am told once open it is good for two months in the fridge, well lets see how long the bottle lasts.

All the way around the shop I could hear a small child singing very loudly and out of tune a Christmas carol. When I finally found her sitting in the trolley with her brother and being ignored by him and her dad ( she had been singing a long time) I stood and watched her. She was just so happy sitting there singing her little heart out oblivious to anyone but her music. It was the best thing I had seen all day.

Long live little children and their ability to be in the now and in their hearts and may I always remember to take the time to see them and just watch the simple beauty and joy in this world, it is all around us just waiting to be seen.
I felt wonderful after my shopping trip and felt I had captured a bit of the true Christmas Spirit

There is a new Sekhem Master in Jersey, Channel Islands.

Tanya has completed her training to become a Sekhem Master Practitioner.- in Jersey, Channel Islands.


A Sekhem healing session is ideal for those of us who find ourselves “out of sorts”, restless and searching for something we can’t quite identify, as it brings all our energetic bodies into line with our higher self and universal energies, helping us get back on our true path. It is a great emotional stabiliser and works well when we need to deal with issues grounded in our sub conscience, past lives or karmic patterning.


You will lay on the treatment couch and relax as the therapists hands are laid gently upon you, working around the body from head to toe, whilst the healing energy of the universe is channelled into the body.There is no requirement for the client to do any thing but relax and have an open mind.


Soul Dreams 001





Power Animal Retrieval

What is a Power Animal Retrieval



This is a one hour 30 minuteto   £65

A personal power/power animal retrieval is a shamanic method used to connect us to helping spirits that show themselves in the form of an animal or as an aspect of yourself  These helping spirits can provide us, our family, our community and even an organization or country with power, protection and support.

A power animal retrieval can help restore personal, family, community and organizational power. In shamanic cultures, it is considered to be more healthy and beneficial to live a life with deep connections to our power animals. Power animals are one of many potential helping spirits that we enter into spiritual relationships with.


Reasons to have a Power Animal Retrieval

  • If you are having  frequent accidents,
  • If your family is stuck in a rut
  • If you are facing difficult challenges that seem insurmountable
  • If you are experiencing feelings of chronic fatigue and weakness
  • If you are having trouble moving past painful relationships or traumatic experiences
  • In situations of past or present domestic or sexual abuse
  • In relieving physical illness related to immune deficiencies or weaknesses
  • Suffering depression


What will happen during the treatment

You will stay fully clothed throughout the treatment, I will explain the outlines of the treatment to you, then you will lay on the treatment couch wrapped in a blanket. you will have a cloth placed over your eyes, this helps to relax the body. I will beat a drum to help me journey into spirit world to connect with my power animal , I will also use a rattle beside you and around you at various times. Your retrieved power is blown back into the body. After my journeying I will explain what I saw and heard with you. you can ask any questions here that you wish. you then need time for the power to integrate back into your body, at this point I will give you some Reiki and Sekhem energy healing.  At the end of this treatment we can talk a little more.

11986485_10153639369867700_1589663469268047965_n 12004925_10153655372747700_4804493967122531588_n

It is important that you do not drink alcohol or take drugs 24 hours before the treatment  and 24 hours after the treatment. If possible after a treatment take as much time as you can to relax and rest.

What Is Shamanism?


Shamanism is often described as “the first spiritual practice of humanity,” with traditions and techniques that can be traced back more than 5,000 years. Evidence of shamanism has been found in every culture and on every continent throughout the world since the dawn of mankind. More importantly, its legacy, methods and belief structures can be useful today in personal growth and healing. People when seeking to balance their life often find that embracing a personal spiritual connection is essential.  Science has begun to support this idea by affirming the benefit of a strong spiritual connection in maintaining health and fostering healing.


The word shaman comes from the name given to traditional healers of the Tungus people of Siberia, and it roughly translates as “one who sees in the dark.” This description  means  that many shamanic practices involve meditation, often with eyes closed  to help discover the nature of a problem and determine potential solutions. The shaman “looks” into dark places in the person, the community and the planet, and finds how to bring them light, hope and healing.


The most basic belief of shamanism is that everything has a significant spiritual component. In fact, a shaman believes everything exists as Spirit in its ultimate nature: Every person, every animal, every tree, every illness, literally every single thing that exists. Moreover, this Spirit can be accessed, engaged or encountered in ways that bring about positive change to enhance the quality of life, relationships and health.

Is shamanism a religion?



The practice of shamanism is a method, not a religion. It has coexisted with established religions in many cultures. In Siberia, you’ll find shamanism coexisting with Buddhism and Lamaism, and in Japan with Buddhism.

Shamanism is also not exclusionary. They don’t say, “We have the only healing system.” In a holistic approach to healing, the shaman uses the spiritual means at his or her disposal in cooperation with people in the community who have other techniques such as plant healing, massage, and bone setting. The shaman’s purpose is to help the patient get well, not to prove that his or her system is the only one that works.


What is a Power Animal


Power animals are guardian spirits, similar to the concept of guardian angels or spirit guides.   We all have them, whether or not we are consciously aware of them. Children are more aware than adults, children are still connected to the divine and mother earth , we see this reflected in their strong and loving attachment to toy animals and pets.  Also we have all seen young children smiling and laughing into an empty space, they still see what we cannot. We have lost the ability as we have grown.


Many indigenous people believe that childhood cannot be survived without the guardianship of these spirit allies.  They protect us, keep us full of power, health and enthusiasm and prevent negative energies and illnesses from entering our energy field.  Sometimes a power animal leaves suddenly for unknown reasons. When this happens, the person becomes disempowered and the result is misfortune and/or illness.

From a shamanic point of view, one of the four main causes of illness is considered to be a loss of power. A power animal is typically one of the first spiritual relationships a shamanic practitioner will restore, restoring lost power.

As humans living in modern times where we are far removed from our connections to Mother Earth and Spirits,  it is common for people to lose their power, to unknowingly give away their power and/or  have power stolen from them. The power  we are talking about here is  the ability to define yourself or having the energy to create, we are not talking about physical strength and your ability to to be Hercules.

Without power we have a hard time accomplishing anything – even the day to day tasks of caring for ourselves  can become a hard task to complete.

Usually, we have more than one power animal in our lifetime. Some show up for shorter time periods and specific teachings while others stick around for our entire life. All power animals are equal, a rabbit is just as powerful as a bear, a mouse just as powerful as a wolf.



After your power animal retrieval if you were connected to a power animal find a unique way to engage its energy. Spend time in nature with the power animal, put a picture of it in your home or office somewhere and try eating foods it likes.

Do you notice any subtle changes in how you feel or where your attention is drawn to? Are any of your senses heightened? Do you feel more powerful, protected and supported?




This treatment is suitable for anyone regardless of age but  is not a substitute for traditional medical care by your GP, it is a complementary therapy that may be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Should you be aware of any reason why this treatment is contraindicated for you or you have a serious health problem, please consult your GP




Walking the Sacred Wheel

A year later than I anticipated I am about to begin my journey of Walking the Sacred Wheel .


I am full of anticipation of what I will learn about myself and the world as I begin this journey. I will start  at The North Gate during the Deep Sleep Moon, it sounds so wonderful just to say these names, like they hold the answers to everything and the magic of the universe.

I have my drum ready and my heart open for this next stage of my growth.