As the treatments are all about you the client, treatments can be personalised to suit your individual needs, we can mix and match treatments and time.  Soul Dreams will do thier best to  accommodate your needs.

These treatments are wonderful and can work with amazing results on the mind, body and soul but they are not meant to replace traditional medical care.  If you have a medical condition  or are pregnant always check with your GP before you begin any holistic care.

Treatments are to be paid for at the time of booking on-line unless a cash payment has been agreed in advance.

As your booking is time reserved solely for your pampering, in the event of a cancellation 48 hours notice is required otherwise you agree to pay in full.

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Saturday 10.30am – 3pm


Past Life Regression

pastlifePast life regression using the Christos method. This method does not use hypnosis.

You are fully aware at all times where your body is, you are in full control of your conciousness.

This method allows your brain to change wave lengths, allowing your conciousness to travel to a deeper state of altered  reality. This allows you to experience another life time, a past life time or a future life time. What ever your deeper self  needs to connect to.

Most people are able to reach the level of altered conciousness needed to experience the regression.

you will travel to one life time maybe more depending on time.

Allow up to 2 hours  £85



Shamanic Soul Retrieval


Merry-Soul-RetrievalThe retrieval of your Soul is a very exciting and spiritually awakening event for people.

Think of your soul or energy system like a giant jig-saw puzzle. When you are born you have all of the pieces. As you go through life with its traumas and dramas, you lose pieces. You are no longer complete; there are “holes” in your soul left vacant by the missing pieces. You have less energy available, much like a battery that has been drained but not recharged. The holes tend to fill, but with any energies available, not those that specifically belong to you. These lower frequency energies can feel like sadness, depression, anger, or powerlessness.

Soul retrieval finds the lost pieces and puts them back into place, thereby restoring the soul. You regain your divine energy and rekindle vital qualities such as, feeling loved and lovable, cherished, adored, and valued. A sense of importance and belonging returns. You become vibrant and whole again, the puzzle complete, its beauty revealed.

The treatment includes the use of a hide drum and rattle, whilst the client lies on the treatment couch wrapped up in a blanket.  After the Shamanic Power Animal Retrieval  if suitable you will be taken on a journey to meet with your returned soul part. This is a profound journey where you can meet, greet and hug your soul self. Spend some time talking, playing or just being.

Allow 2 hour  for treatment-£85



Shamanic Power Animal Retrieval

12039715_945719855474272_5664019114517641338_nThe retrieval of your personal power/power animal  is a very exciting and spiritually awakening event for people.

Sometimes through trauma, personal neglect, or spiritual neglect we lose the connection with our Personal Power/Power Animal. When this happens we may feel a loss of energy, a sense of loneliness in the world, a lack of personal power, or a weakened immune system, low self-esteem, fear, loss of vitality, depression, vigor or loss of or inactive imagination, and lack of creativity and enthusiasm.

The treatment includes the use of a hide drum and rattle, whilst the client lies on the treatment couch wrapped up in a blanket.  After the Shamanic Power Animal Retrieval you need to lay quietly to allow the recovered power to reintegrate back into your body, during this quiet time you will receive Reiki and Sekhem Energy healing.

Allow 2 hour   for treatment-£85


Reiki Drumming


Reiki Drumming is a blend of the proven therapeutic power of the drum with the healing qualities of Reiki

There are  three main types of treatments:



  • The basic Reiki Drum healing –   the drum is used intuitively over the client’s body to deliver a deep healing treatment followed by a hands-on Reiki session to fully integrate the work and ground the client.
  • The mental/emotional reprogramming technique –   the intuitive drum treatment is combined with the use of powerful positive affirmations to support growth; and a hands-on Reiki session to fully integrate the work and ground the client.
  • The Reiki Drum journey technique, where the practitioner uses the drum to take the client into a deep meditative state to receive insight, spiritual guidance and healing.

Reiki Drumming Healingallow 1 Hours  £37






This is a wonderful treatment that helps re-balance the body, it is non invasive and you remain fully clothed except for the removal of footwear and socks.

Your feet and lower legs  will be gently cleansed then they will receive a gentle massage to waken them up followed by the main treatment which works the acupressure points within the feet and helps to release any blockages and allow the energy to flow freely along the meridian lines in the body.

reflex 3

Reflexology full treatment – Allow 1 hour for treatment  £37




Thai Foot Massage


Thai Foot Massage  Allow 1 hour  for treatment £37.00

Have your feet soaked and scrubbed then lay back whilst your lower legs and feet are massaged and stimulated to receive the ultimate pleasure and relaxation

 The most common statement made by clients is “Amazing”





Swedish Massage

swedish 2

Full body Allow 1 hour  30 Minutes for treatment £65

Back Neck and Shoulders Allow 45 Minutes £37


This treatment will soothe and relax those aching muscles.
One of the primary goals of the Swedish massage technique is to relax the entire body. Swedish massage therapy goes beyond relaxation, Swedish massage is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension.



Indian Head Massage

Treat your head to the luxury it deserves, you can choose to have the treatment as non invasive remaining fully clothed or you can bare your shoulders and have oils applied to nourish the skin, scalp and hair.

image Indian Head Massage full treatment – Allow 45 minutes  £37








Seated Acupressure Back Massage

This is a treatment that leaves you feeling relaxed, energised and refreshed


Seated Acupressure Back MassageAllow 45 minutes £37

You stay fully clothed for this treatment and no oils are used yet it leaves you feeling fantastic.

Hands, elbows and thumbs and used to apply pressure at set points on the back, shoulders, arms, hands and neck finishing off with a little bit of head massage (can be omitted ) and a back stretch.




This is a non invaisve natural form of healing therapy. It uses non-invasive gentle touch. This form of therapy aims to increase energy levels and promote relaxation

reiki two

Reiki – allow 1 Hours  £37

Tanya is a Reiki Master/Teacher

You will lay on the treatment couch and relax was the therapists hands are laid gently upon you working around the body from head to toe, whilst the healing energy of the universe is channelled into the body.There is no requirement for the client to do any thing but relax and have an open mind.





Sekham Healing


Sekham : Allow 1 Hour  £37

Tanya is a Master Sekhem Practitioner

A Sekhem healing session is ideal for those of us who find ourselves “out of sorts”, restless and searching for something we can’t quite identify, as it brings all our energetic bodies into line with our higher self and universal energies, helping us get back on our true path. It is a great emotional stabiliser and works well when we need to deal with issues grounded in our sub conscience, past lives or karmic patterning.

Hopi Ear Candling

A very gentle and relaxing treatment

You will lay on your side and the Hopi Ear Candling is gently placed into the opening of the ear, it is held the whole time by the therapist , so is perfectly safe then you will turn over to the other side the treatment where a new candle is gently placed into the ear and the treatment is repeated.

Hopi Ear Candling are hollow tubes made of cotton, soaked in beeswax, honey and herbs. When lit, the candle acts like a chimney, causing the warm air inside it to rise and creating a vacuum at the bottom. This vacuum gently stimulates the ear, facilitating removal of excess wax and impurities.

It is important to note that the candle does not suck wax out of the ear; it stimulates the ear to eliminate the wax naturally, ensuring maximum safety.

Hopi Ear CandlingAllow 50 minutes for treatment £37




Crystal Healing

You will lay on the treatment couch, crystals are placed around and gently upon you working around the body from head to toe, whilst the healing energy of the universe is channelled into the body.There is no requirement for the client to do any thing but relax and have an open mind.
Crystal Healing

Allow 1 Hour  £37







Ear reflexology / Acupressure Massage (Auricular Massage)

ear massage 1

Ear reflexology / Acupressure Massage (Auricular Massage)Allow 1 hour for treatment – £37

This treatment combines Reflexology massage of  the ear and various Acupressure points around the ear, face and neck being worked along side general massage techniques on the face to provide a most relaxing facial massage.

This massage promotes health and well being, relieves stress and tension and helps to drain fluid build up in the face.









Eastern Facial Massage

Eastern Facial Massage

Eastern Facial MassageAllow 1 hour for treatment – £37

Eastern Facial massage is a combination of Anma, the ancient traditional massage system in Japan and Ayurveda, the ancient traditional massage system from India

This massage uses techniques to help remove toxins through lymphatic drainage and the smoothing and pumping up of wrinkles to help remove lines from the face.

Facial massage is part of the teachings within India and Japan yet the West has no traditions of this type of massage.


Japanese Hand Massage

japanese hand 2

Japanese Hand Massage Allow 1 hour for treatment – £37

This treatment will have you sighing with pleasure as your tired hands and arms are treated with love to a massage, using reflexology, shiatsu and acupressure methods combined with traditional massage techniques to leave you feeling wonderfully pampered and refreshed.