There is a new Sekhem Master in Jersey, Channel Islands.

Tanya has completed her training to become a Sekhem Master Practitioner.- in Jersey, Channel Islands.


A Sekhem healing session is ideal for those of us who find ourselves “out of sorts”, restless and searching for something we can’t quite identify, as it brings all our energetic bodies into line with our higher self and universal energies, helping us get back on our true path. It is a great emotional stabiliser and works well when we need to deal with issues grounded in our sub conscience, past lives or karmic patterning.


You will lay on the treatment couch and relax as the therapists hands are laid gently upon you, working around the body from head to toe, whilst the healing energy of the universe is channelled into the body.There is no requirement for the client to do any thing but relax and have an open mind.


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