Where do you find Christmas?

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Today I found it at the supermarket. There was a live choir (adults) singing carols, I joined in like the crazy lady as I made my way around the isles. each isle had a tasty treats, Cheese with dips, roast beef with dips, fruits and nuts, mince pies with Jersey Dairy chocolate orange ice cream ….. we now have a tub in the freezer, it is good, very very good.  To top it off was La Mare vineyard Cream Brandy, OMG it is so good, I am told once open it is good for two months in the fridge, well lets see how long the bottle lasts.

All the way around the shop I could hear a small child singing very loudly and out of tune a Christmas carol. When I finally found her sitting in the trolley with her brother and being ignored by him and her dad ( she had been singing a long time) I stood and watched her. She was just so happy sitting there singing her little heart out oblivious to anyone but her music. It was the best thing I had seen all day.

Long live little children and their ability to be in the now and in their hearts and may I always remember to take the time to see them and just watch the simple beauty and joy in this world, it is all around us just waiting to be seen.
I felt wonderful after my shopping trip and felt I had captured a bit of the true Christmas Spirit

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