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Less than two months until Christmas, so orders need to be place asp.

Tanya creates beautiful art,  using the ancient art of pyrography. This is burning images onto wood by hand .

Pet  portraits to order –


Christmas Eve Boards

A personalised board for your child to leave out Christmas eve for Father Christmas.  £35

Christmas Board

A pizza peel with the Christmas carol of choice hand burnt onto it £35



Children’s Art

Pyrography Art prices start from.

A3 birch ply wood unframed for approx £160,               framed £190.

A4 birch plywood unframed for approx £125,               framed £150.

A 23cms solid round sycamore wood piece that does not need framing for approx £120 .

There are options to do solid sliver birch slices with bark still attached  or Maple wood , if available, at various sizes I.e., 25cms by 17cms for approx £120. – £150 depending on size wood and it’s cost.

The more complex and detailed a piece is may  cost a bit more due to the extra time needed .

Finally commissioned pieces are payment up front once everything is agreed .

I am happy to discuss more what you would like

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